Monday, May 23, 2011

Field Day/Nie asks on Blogher

{Lucy and Bets yelling for Claire}

Every May, the children's elementary school holds the end of the year track meet.
I did it when I was young, and so the tradition continues.
Claire entered in 2 races.
She was adorable, simply adorable.
My eyes burned with tears as I watched her work her little healthy
body down the lane with the other children.
She did me proud. I was bursting with love and pride for that doll of mine.

Page and Matt {my siblings} also had children who were also participants in the race.
So all of us including Lucy, Bets, and Freddie joined us as we
cheered loud and clear for our own.

Ollie and Nic played in the sand box nearby.
{I have no idea who Ollie is wrestling with in the picture above.}
I got terribly sunburned on my neck. Oh you know, the place where
my non-flexible hands can't get sunscreen.
It's never NEVER a good idea to get sunburned over a burn and grafted skin.
It hurts like a swear word.

Check out my latest Vintage Pearl good.
The adorable Pea in the Pod necklace with 4 mother of pearls.
{one for each of my babies}
I love the way it looks around my neck.

I am watching Mr. Nielson iron my pants as I type this.
He is dancing while ironing.
He is listening to this song.
He looks so sexy, I want to jump his bones. {did I just say that??}
Nie asks on Blogher:
What is your favorite picture you took this week?

I am loving the Hunter rain boots all lined up in our entryway

Go here to tell me here

Happy Monday!
Probably as you read this, I am on a plane to New York City
with my cute little family.
More details tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Katie!!!