Friday, April 01, 2011

Weekend plans/Ashmarlin giveaway

{Ollie ready for the weekend}

Its Friday.
Not only is it Friday, but April Fools Day too.
I hate April fools day. I am so scared to turn on my sink, even though I know
Mr. Nielson or the children didn't do anything.
I just see it on America's Funniest Videos and it terrifies me!

I hope the weather will cooperate with me this weekend so I can get my garden going.
I have had to wait and wait since it snows like every other day here.
I am dying for garden grown beets. Ohhhh, sooo good.
It makes my mouth water thinking about them.

Mr. Nielson asked me out for tonight. He is hiding our plans.
{that may or may not mean its because he doesn't have any plans- we will see}
I am hoping for good weather so we can get out the motorcycle.
Motorcycle riding around town, by the lake, or up the canyon
{and maybe getting a treat}
sounds like a perfect date to me.

You know what else is perfect to me?
Layering t-shirts.
I have been searching for the perfect one. Seriously searching.
I think I may have found it.
They are from

Christian, and his wife Linda wanted to make the best layering t-shirt on the market.
I asked him to give me a little background.
{Look for the words in red;
they are my favorite parts about the shirts, so when you get yours,
you can pay close attention to that particular area and fall in love too.
And I think you will

"A year ago my wife Linda and I set out to create the best layering t-shirt on the market. The options at the time were poorly made and tended to pill and fray. Fit was also a problem with most either bunching up or cutting so tightly under the arm they were nearly impossible to wear.

We believe we have crafted the best fitting, most comfortable layering t-shirt on the market. We used an ultra-soft nylon combined with spandex so the shirt can be worn fitted but still has lots of easy stretch. We designed a subtle striped mesh into our shirt to add visual texture while at the same time allowing the shirt to breathe. Finally we made sure the sleeve and body hems were kept flat for nearly invisible layering.

The fact that our shirts are made in the USA is no accident either. We believe strongly in domestically made apparel and plan on manufacturing all of our products here at home.

We think you’ll love our top so much you won’t want to cover it up at all".

All this from a man who designs Tiger Woods' collection!
If you go to the Ashmarlin facebook page and leave a message about why you deserve one of these delicious layering t-shirts you could
win one.
The winner will be picked on Monday.
There will be TWO lucky winners.
So go- buy yourself one (or two) today. You will love love love them. I do.
Stay posted, more fun to come with Ashmarlin!
Happy weekend from me to you!

And don't forget about General Conference, one of the BEST 2 days of my life.