Tuesday, April 05, 2011

vintage pearl mothers day/Marius

Mothers Day is approaching!!
You could gently nudge your own Mr. about what
I am showing you here, since you will probably end up wanting something.
{just saying}
Or for your own Mother {s}

The Vintage Pearl has a beautiful selection of perfect Mothers Day beauties.
I am currently wearing this necklace. It has all my darlings in my "pod". So sweet, right!?
I am giving my own Mother this.
It has all my brothers and sisters names with a Mother of pearl in the center.
She will love it.

And while you are at it, check out this super adorable puppet show.
Beautiful children's illustrator Sarah Jane made this for her children while the
Utah weather decides if it is still winter or spring.
Buy your own at her Etsy shop here.

Also, for you locals. Mark Williams and Co. have produced a beautiful story about a
burn survivor named Marius. He is simply adorable.
I also make an appearance in the film.

{Mr. Wiliams}

The film will begin at 7:00 {refreshments served as well}
In the Joseph Smith Building found here.
Mr. Nielson and I will be attending with bells on.
Also, check out some of Marius' story tonight on ABC4 Utah.
Donations are still accepted and so graciously too. Here.
My post previously written here.

{Cute Marius-that ladies man}