Thursday, April 14, 2011

St. Louis from Phoenix

{I think someone will miss me while I am gone.}

I am headed out to visit President and Sister Clark {aka Daddy and Mom}
Before I left, Nicholas tugged on my shirt and begged me not to go.
Reminds me of August 16, 2008, when I dropped him off at GrandMary's house
while Mr. Nielson and I went on a afternoon airplane trip that crappy day.

Last night, I couldn't help but cry myself to sleep with those
heartbreaking reminders. I still don't think I have forgiven myself fully for doing that.
I am praying I come back to his little loving arms and wild hair.

And, I know I will.

***********Reminder: ************
I will talk about my experience during my hardships,
and my feelings on the accident and what I have learned.
If you are in the St. Louis area, please come. I would love to have you!
I will be speaking at the Mormon church-
{of course you can come if you are not Mormon!!}
Location is 15081 Clayton Road
Chesterfield, MO.
The program is at 9:30 on Saturday, April 16
Come, stay, go whatever.
Just know, you are welcome.