Wednesday, April 13, 2011

no-no words

{We are still in Arizona. I had my third round of laser treatments today- more on that later}
Oliver came in to my room to announce that Gigs had said another swear word.
I asked him which one {since some are far worse than others,
thus calibrating my reaction, a little}
He told me Gigs said "mad backwards".
I'll admit it, it took me a few seconds to figure that one out.
I told him to tell Gigs to come to me- that usually helps the tattle-tail-er feel validated.

I will admit something else.
I've heard Gigs say "damn" and "hell" so many other times while quietly playing alone near the fireplace with his "guys".
It makes me laugh and smile and write it down in his journal, or call Mr. Nielson to tell him how cute our little 4 year old is. Not really one of my better mothering qualities.

Later that day, as I was getting dinner prepared, homework together, and the boys in from our backyard tree house, I stepped on one of Ollie's "guys".
A green army guy.
In frustration, I yelled out:
"Ollie I keep stepping on your army guys on the floor,
and I keep saying bad words in my head!"

{Gigs with sucker. Jane waves to brothers on 'Old Willow'-our favorite walking spot near out home}