Monday, April 25, 2011

Love letters from Bluewater # 2/Nie asks on Blogher

Hello my dear,

As I had breakfast this morning I looked at this painting that my grandma painted. She was a great painter not having any training. It reminded me of all the times when I was little I sat down with her and asked her to teach me how to paint like that. This is the painting I was thinking of. It is on the ranch.

Then I saw this issue of Cowboy Magazine. I think Oliver would be confused at why Indiana Jones is wearing those clothes, and doesn't have his whip…but he does look pretty cool.
Tonight the wind is howling like crazy. It’s stormy and dark outside…you would love it. You would ask me to come to bed early so we could snuggle, wink, wink.
I’ll be home soon sweetheart. Love,
Nie asks on Blogher:

How do you communicate to family living away from you?

Me: We like to skype!
Go here to answer!