Friday, April 22, 2011

Love letters from Bluewater #1 April 2011

My Dear,

I hesitated for a moment to wake you before I left this morning at 5am…you looked so comfy there in bed. But as soon as your beautiful eyes opened when I kissed your cheek I knew it was worth it. Thanks for sending me off this morning, proper.

I’m here in Bluewater now. I spent this morning working alone, until Russ and Marcus arrived around 4pm. It’s windy and cool and plenty of sunshine. The grass is still blond from the winter…it reminds me of Nicholas’ hair…straight, lightweight and yellow.

{I haven't seen a horny toad up here since I was a little boy}

I took a walk around ranch headquarters: from the house to the well house, to the barn, then to the old pioneer house, and the garden, and to the swim tank, and back. Each spot made me smile as I envisioned memories of us kissing you or holding hands at all those places. Those lovely moments with you dominate my memories even more than the greater number of memories from my youth here at the ranch. That’s because you are special. I love you sweetheart. I really do. I miss you. Good night.



Just a quick update on home.

We miss you like crazy- actually I miss you like crazy. I go about my day thinking about how much I love you and how good it feels to be in love.

For your information: I wanted to share with you what our dog has done since I picked him up from the Kennel. I went to dinner and picked up burritos for me and the children. I left them in the car {with Jimmy in the back} while I ran in to pick up the girls from ballet. Probably gone for 4 minutes. When I returned, he had eaten 1 quesadilla , and 4 burritos from Baijo. I cried. Then, I went to the store and bought my favorite squeaky cheese from the creamery. Nicholas took the bag and watched morning "tartoons" with the bag in his hand. I was downstairs retrieving a paper from the printer when I heard Nicholas scream. I came upstairs to see Nicholas' face bright red Jimmy had jumped up on his lap and eaten the bag of cheese and nibbling on his chubby fingers to boot. Oh, yes there is more. Then I put a Sweet Cakes oreo cookie {the ones we traveled 500 miles to get} on the entry sofa while we put our jackets on-also in the entryway. Jimmy beady eyed and all ate it in .5 seconds wrapper and all. I kind of hated him today.

I love you and miss you probably more than you miss me.