Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The last Love letter from Bluewater #3/Easter preview

Hello Stephanie my dear,

I’m coming home to you tomorrow. I can’t wait! It has been so beautiful today down here on the ranch. And we got a lot of good hard work done..ranch work. I’ve been sweaty and dusty all day, but I’ll be spruced up for you when I come home. I am really really really looking forward to seeing you!

My cousins arrived today to help build the new covered stalls for the horses. After dinner tonight one of my cousins and his wife paired off for an evening walk as the sun began to set. It sounded like just the thing we would do if you were here. Can we do that when I get home, just us, no children? It sounds nice to hold your hand and take a little walk and catch up. Maybe Old Willow, or Provo River? Somewhere nice where we can stop and make-out.

I’m also looking forward to hearing you tell me about all the funny things that happened to you while I was gone. Funny things always happen to you, and I love when you chew my ear off about it when I get home. I love you sweetheart…you are the best. See you soon!


{Honey, remember this photo at the ranch? You and Nicholas. About a month before the accident}

Dear Honey,

Remind me to tell you about:

1. The lady who came to our house while I was in the shower.

2. Filling the car up with gas and getting excited that the amount was $100.00

3. What Nicholas said about his uncle Andrew Beesley

4. How many egg yolks we blew out for Easter {like 150}

Can't wait to see you darling!

With all my love, Stephanie


Easter came and went. It was beautiful. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

{our blown-out dyed decorated Easter eggs}