Monday, April 04, 2011

Its Monday/Nie asks on Blogher/Ashmarlin winner/Weekend Wrap-up

{out my window around 8:00 am- a view to the treehouse}

Hi friends!
It is another glorious Monday. {I love to pretend that I love Mondays}.
I loved the weekend, however, conference weekend was the best!
It snowed about 4 inches when we woke up on Sunday morning.
That was surprising, kind of disappointing, but so beautiful.
I woke up at 4:30 in the morning to use the ladies room,
and saw the snow piling up out my window.
I tried waking Mr. Nielson up to share the beautiful moment,
but he was dead silent. So I lay quietly watching it.
I felt peaceful and safe in my cozy bed next to warm Mr. Nielson. Such a great feeling.
My conference post including favorite talks and photos will be this week.

Remember that Ashmarlin {the best t-shirts around} are giving away two shirts?
The winners were picked from their sweet comments left on the
Ashmarlin facebook page.

The winners are:
Andrew Tyler Nichols

Andrea Bateman Robbins

Congrats to you both!
{You will be contacted via facebook with the details.}
Go to Ashmarlin to see why we selected these winners.
They had such fabulous responses!

And, Nie asks on Blogher:
who is your favorite author?

I am sooo into Ernest Hemingway-always have been.
Lets hear yours here!