Friday, April 08, 2011

I cracked

My phone had an accident- in a antique store. This is how it went down:
So there I was crouched in a lonely antique store in old Mesa, Arizona.
{many moons ago} I saw a prized glass owl. Perfect for my collection. As I bent down to retrieve it, my iphone fell out of my new cake purse and onto the hard,
cold concrete floor right near the owl {which I bought}
I picked it up.
It was totally smashed. Luckily it still worked.

That was a sad day for Oliver and Gigs,
who plays on my phone while using the restroom.
It was a sad day for me, when I tried photographing
my the girls jumping on their beds.

Just my luck! Christian's handy cousin said he would fix it!
And he did too. Its perfect. It looks beautiful.}--->
{his ad is over there on my sidebar

Today while in Cafe Rio with Mr. Nielson. It fell to the ground.
I felt like I was back in the lonely antique store.
I picked it up- still good as new. Good thing too.
Its just good to know that there are cheap options for when the inevitable happens.

Well, I am off to Arizona. 90 degree weather, here I come!
Laser treatments and visits with Dr. L, and Dr. M.
Its a good thing I love those men, or else this would be awful-er.
Just a little announcement:

{me speaking at BYU}
I am flying to St. Louis to visit Mother for her birthday in a few weeks.
Also I am speaking while there on Saturday, April 16th.
I will talk about my experience during my hardships,
and my feelings on the accident and what I have learned.
If you are in that area, please come. I would love to have you!
I will be speaking at the Mormon church-
{of course you can come if you are not Mormon!!}
Location is 15081 Clayton Road
Chesterfield, MO.
The program is at 9:30-noon. I will speak first. Come, stay, go whatever.
Just know, you are welcome
Happy Weekend.

Spiritual Inspiration here.

And, wait, check out this photo of me with my niece Drew {chickie}.
I was 21 years old and pregnant with Jane....classic

{Oh how I miss my arms!! My freckles, my skin! I have no doubt I will someday
receive it all again. I just have to be patient}