Thursday, April 21, 2011

I am sad, and its not becuase I have a red face...

{why are Mr. Nielson and I wearing red on the day we both had laser treatments??
We like to match.}

...Its because my sweet handsome Mr. Nielson has just left to become a cowboy.
He will be rounding up the cattle, killing rattlers,
and scouting a romantic spot for our future ranch home.
He is in Bluewater, New Mexico.
I haven't heard from him yet. But I certainly miss him.

All four of the children slept with me last night. I gave them each three warnings when they began to become restless and start to whisper, laugh,
and act silly in my bed-while trying to fall sleep.
So, they each had three chances before they were kicked out of the
Nielson love nest to their own rooms.
They each had far more than three verbal warnings from me.
I love them but, I was feeling kind of worn down some tonight that I was far more lazy than anything to actually take action.
I hate when I do that. Its such awful mothering.

{Mr. Nielson in earlier days}

I will look forward to tomorrow when I get a good old fashioned e-mail from my lover to begin our love letter romance from Bluewater.

All I could keep thinking about today is how wonderful it feels to be in love.
Even with red faces.

Remember The Lower Lights?

This amazing group?
They will be playing at the Provo City Academy Square.
It will be an amazing event, and I think you should come!!
Details here.

Papa Jones turned 98 yesterday!!!! I am so proud of that man! I love you Papa
Grandma Marion turns 86 today!! I love you Grandma!
And, a happy birthday to my cousin Mike. Of course, I love you too!