Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Saturday

{Gigs and Luke search the field for eggs}

Saturday was the annual Beesley Farm Easter Egg hunt. Over 200 hundred eggs hidden throughout the farm, and the special "golden egg" in its special hiding spot.
Lucky girl Stella found the egg this year and was so proud.

{Stella and her golden egg loot...$20.00 in quarters!}

{Luke, Gigs, and Vivian}

{Jane checks out her Easter treats}

{Ben (left) fresh off his mission speaks Spanish to the group}

{Ever digs into her basket for eggs while Papa John lifts Ollie up for the hidden egg in the tree}

{Claire passes out Easter purses to the girls from Umi, Jesse and Maria search for eggs}

{Suze, Steve and Katy freeze}

{Phoebe and Margaret and Betsy with pink on}

The End