Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Davy Crockett in the familygator

{Ollie in the familygator parked at the gas station in Southern Utah}

On the way down we stopped in Kanab, Utah, about 3 hours into the trip.
A few of the children needed to use the rest room, we thought this would be a
good stop because this particular gas station surprised us as being full-service.

I walked in to the store with a few of the children. They all went directly over to the treats. Looking at all of the eye-level packaged jewels, they drooled. I pushed them to where the restrooms were. I waited by the door. I looked over in the corner of the store and
there was Ollie mesmerized by a $6.99 Davy Crockett hat.
He had picked it off the shelve and holding it delicately in his hands.
I watched him try it on. Sneaking really. He looked at himself in the mirror with a toothless grin. I walked up to the cash register and told the lady I was buying a Davy Crockett hat for my adorable son-over there. Pointing to the corner by the mirror.

After I bought a few bags of gummy peaches and Gatorade, all the children one by one left the gas station. By this time Mr. Nielson had driven the car up to the front door since the car had been filled up with gas already for about 20 minutes.
The children one by one climbed in.

Ollie left the Davy Crockett hat on the shelve and ran up to me and said:
"Mom, there is this cool hat with a tiger tail...I think, and I want one"
I told him to show me which one he wanted. He showed me.
Then I told him since he was the best car traveler in the family -ever {besides when he takes his little black adidas off and the car instantly making it smell in almost putrid proportions},
he could have it.
He wore it the 6 more hours until we drove into Mesa late around midnight.

Mr. Nielson loved it so much
{mostly because it reminded him of himself with the same hat at that age,
and also because Bill Reilly {one of his hero's}has the same hat in one of his books.}
He spent the next 3 hours searching and downloading 3 different versions of the
famous Davy Crockett song.
{Personally, I grew up with this version}

And did you hear the BEST NEWS EVER???!!!
Someone is running for President.
{his name starts with a "R" and ends with a "omney"
We are celebrating tonight.