Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back to where the Popcorn pops!

The children picked me up from the airport each with a gift.
Claire cookies {with extra frosting} from a neighbor in Mesa {thank you}
Jane played me a tune on her new flute, and a box of my favorite cookies from Sweet Cakes.
Oliver smiled really big and showed me his new handy helper hand {from Smeeks!}
Nicholas handed me a beautiful bouquet of roses from GrandMary's backyard.

I was so pleased. Mr. Nielson greeted me by lifting me up in the air and smooching me long enough to make the children scream and make loud "yucky" noises.

{Goodbye Arizona}
We drove to the beloved city of St. Johns, Arizona.
I am having a hard time expressing my feelings, and so I think I am not ready to do so yet.
I just remember looking at Mr. Nielson as we drove out of St. Johns together,
I was so happy to be leaving that town together-holding hands instead of separately in ambulances and helicopters. What a blessing.
We strolled into a hotel in Southern Utah late Monday night {early Tuesday morning}
I lay in the bed and listened to my children breathing all asleep.
I was laying in Mr. Nielson's arms.
I felt slightly tearful and overwhelmed at the day.
It was long, but I was alive. I was still a mother, a wife, and I was around to enjoy it all.
Tonight we are welcoming Projector Dave and his darling son Benjamin
{did I already mention he was darling...ladies?}
Its good to be back in Utah where our blossoms are busting like popcorn popping.


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