Monday, March 28, 2011

Summer shoot/nie asks on blogher

It was a fun weekend. Here's why:

*Ms. Jones visited me all the way from the 90 degree weather in Arizona for a few days.
*She brought her boyfriend Bear along.
*Matthew Mead and gang were in town shooting for the new Summer with Matthew Mead magazine.
*The shoot took place at the beautiful Alice Lane store here in Utah.
* All of my sisters and best friend Ms. Jones were at the shoot. We laughed and maybe cried {laughing so hard} while the shooting commenced.
*You can only buy this issue online. Go here to pre-order yours now.
*Shabby Apple donated some very beautiful dresses for the shoot as well!
*Matthew had some genius ideas for all of us sisters, and for the rest of the magazine too.
I am so excited for you to check it out!!
*Below are some photos from the day-behind the scene.*

{The shooting begins}

{Lucy shows off her summery dress and Ms. Jones and Lindsay talk on the couch}

{Cjane holding Lucy's Freddie}

{Suze, Katy, and Meg pose. Beautiful roses in the middle of the table}

{The girls wait in Alice Lane while shooting continues}

{luscious food and drink. Below, Lisa and Lindsay show off the yummies}

{Lindsay and Lisa tasting the delicious goodies}
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Q: What do you love to do with your children?

A: Here I am taking silly photos together at the photo booth