Thursday, March 24, 2011

Running out of gas

Ms. Jones is here visiting.
She is rooming with her boyfriend "Bear" next to me and Mr. Nielson.
We tried staying up late to talk, but I am a wimp and can barely do it past 10:30.

Mr. Nielson has had to pull most of the load this week.
I just feel kind of tired. Mentally and physically.
I really needed Ms. Jones here to tell me that she misses me,
and thinks I am still funny and still her best friend.

Ms. Jones, Bear, Lucy, Freddie and I went to Banana Republic this evening,
and the woman who worked there asked me if Lucy and Ms. Jones were my DAUGHTERS!
I came home and asked Mr. Nielson if my "new face" aged me. Hmmmm.
I am officially out of gas.