Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paperdolls, birds and bees.

I was doing the laundry today {just one load mind you- I am still in "hiding days"} this load was completely out of necessity.
Claire wandered up to me and began a conversation that went like this:

Claire: Mom, when can you have another baby?
Me: Well, I hope really soon. Dr. L. needs to check me out and make sure again
that everything is going to be OK, and my tummy will be a nice home for our baby.
Claire: How will you know if you are pregnant?
Me: I will know when I start to get sick and I can also take tests.
Claire: How do you do that?
Me: Well, sometimes to know, you have to tinkle on a white stick that tells you if there is a baby growing inside you.
Claire: How DOES the baby even get inside of you?
Me: With lots and lots of love.
Claire: What does that mean? How does it get inside though?
Me: Well.... I will tell you. Lets go downstairs to the office with Dad and we can talk about that.
But after I do this load of laundry.

Then I hoped she would forget about this little piece of life and go resume playing with her
new paper dolls.
But I also knew if I didn't take this opportunity to tell her where
babies come from now, the world will force it on her.
It it will most likely be wrong. SO wrong!
I want my children to understand that the power of procreation is beautifully divine and a Godly.
I also want to be the one to tell them when the appropriate time is that they can enjoy it.
That appropriate time will be after she is married to the man she loves.

After Mr. Nielson and I told Claire, she sat in her chair for a minute trying to take it all in.
She then looked at us and asked us if she could tell Jane.
I could tell she really wanted to.

After I felt like collapsing in Mr. Nielson's arms crying.
I didn't want my first born, my baby, to know about this.
I didn't want her innocence taken away. I wanted her to keep fantasizing
about the adorable little white stork who drops
babies in loving homes in diapers and fuzzy blankets.

I went upstairs and saw Claire on the couch she was cutting her paperdolls clothes out.
I wondered what she was thinking.
She had set out all of her dolls on the couch.
She wasn't thinking. She was just happy and safe.
That is all her mind cares about right now.
All of that other stuff with come, {and sooner than I want.}
But to me, as long as she is playing with dolls and dress-ups and school,
she will be little.

Thank heavens!

{These adorable paperdolls were given to me as a gift. My girls LOVE them. They are unique and magical. My children {even the boys} love and spend hours with them. The best part is that they come in a package with a keepsake pair to save. The package also comes with a disc that includes extra clothes and print-outs to cut, color, and use.
find them here}