Monday, March 07, 2011

The Nielson's visit Smeeks/Nie asks on Blogher

Remember my favorite toy novelty shop in Phoenix?

We have to visit it every time we go to Arizona.

We get our photos taken in the booths, and eat
giant gumballs in the jars by the register.
Smeeks will be getting a new website.
I will post it as soon as it is available.

For now, if you in the area, check it out.
If you are planning a trip (Spring break) you should defiantly go.
Also, see Smeeks on facebook.

Every trip, everyone gets to pick out a surprise:
Mr. Nielson- jaw harp
Nie- 4 diffrent pieces of bubble yum flavors and number sparklers to top birthday cakes.
Claire- Grab bag of candy, wax lips and smelly pencils.
Jane- Manual crank music box. (That's what friends are for)
Ollie- Lego man flashlight
Nic- bag of scuba guys, 5 giant gumballs.

Goodbye, until next time!!

****Nie asks on Blogher****
Do you have any pictures of you that you absolutely hate?

{Umm, I am NOT pregnant in this photo,but is sure looks like I am...awesome}
Go here to tell me.