Friday, March 25, 2011

A Lucky weekend

{These pictures were taken on St. Patrick's Day this year.
I am planning on having a lucky weekend.}

{Bear, Nic, and Ollie play before bed}

Ms. Jones and I had a boring day today.
{after the photo shoot...more on that later}
I have just decided this: I am boring.
I pretty much just like sitting around all day.
I am lucky to have Ms. Jones kicking it with me here- and her boyfriend Bear.
He is adorable.
I hope we get to lunch tomorrow-at least before she leaves.

We watched Jimmer take the Cougars this close to the elite eight.
We love you Jimmer!!

{Jimmer, taken shamelessly off the TV}

Check out Jane's adorable baptism bracelet from The Vintage Pearl.
It is similar to Claire's here.

Have a good weekend!!!

Spiritual Inspiration here.