Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Jane turns 8/I am not my body

Jane turned eight!
It was great!

Birthday mornings always come early, and that certainly was the case here.

{Nic holds the new tea set. Jane gets help from Nicholas opening presents,
Jane enjoying birthday breakfast of pancakes with rats nest}

{The gift hit: Cinderella book/mask, found at LGO in Phoenix}

Jane's Cake via The Sweet Tooth Fairy

{Jane's colors for her 8th birthday were orange and turquoise.
The cake matched perfectly!}

In the evening, I texted family members to come up and enjoy the delicious cake that Megan the Sweet Tooth Fairy made for us. It was the best cake I have ever had.
I still have family members discussing over the ultra scrumptious cake!

{Topher wearing Meri's wig, Me holding Jane's cake with candles.
Thank heavens for that lypo in the future, I don't even have a chin}


I did a video on Mormon Messages called; "I am not my body".

I was lucky enough to be a part of this project which includes the darling Marius,
who was also in a fire. A house fire.

They appropriately used the title: I am not my body, as well.
It is perfect for this perfect little child.
He has been through a lot. He has seen a lot, and he has had his share of hospital stays.
Through this amazing story, you will see his spirit and his life. He is a doll, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it.

There's a place for donations on the sidebar, and also a donation page that gives more information under the red "How YOU can help."
I hope you can help. He is a miracle child!
Also, check out this video- its adorable!

Also, you can be a friend on Marius facebook page here.