Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jane has RED hair.

Jane woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
She woke up in tears. Claire had kicked off all of the covers
{even though they have separate beds, Claire still insists on sleeping with Jane}.
Claire stole Jane's belt.
Claire made a "face" at Jane.
I put Jane's hair in a pony and it had "fishies"
{which are bumps on the top of her head}.
Jane cried- no scratch that, Jane whaled.
She hates school, she hates her long hair,
she hates her sister,
and she most definitely hates when I put her hair in a pony tail.

{Me with my sweeet 5 o'clock shadow}

I tried to patch thing up, so I put my 5 O'clock Shadow on when opening the garage to get their bikes for school. {That thing is genius. My scars are super sensitive to the cold,
and my "beard" always helps relive that sharp sting}

She laughed. When Jane laughs, she really laughs.
I made Claire give Jane her belt, I told her to stop making faces at her sister.
I let Jane go to school with her red hair wild and free minus a bow or headband.

Everything was going fine that day until it was ballet time this evening.
It began again.
Jane kept telling me that she hated ballet.
Jane wouldn't wear her pink leotard and skirt.
Jane wouldn't take off her bracelet for ballet.
Jane insisted she wanted to quit.
Jane wouldn't put her coat or boots on.
Then the worst part.
Jane wouldn't let me put her hair up in a "bun".
Bad news. The hair HAS to be in a bun...Ballet rules.
I gave up.
I made Mr. Nielson take Jane to ballet without her shoes or coat on.
Jane's hair blew in the wind as I watched Mr. Nielson drag her to the car.

Overtime I felt guilty, so I called her while she was in the car.
In a very sweet voice I told her I loved her and that she was going to have
so much fun dancing with her cousin's.
Then she told me she wasn't going to ballet.

And she didn't.
Minutes later she and Mr. Nielson stomped through the door.
She is as stubborn as her father and just as much- if not more than her red hair.
Why do those two go together?
When Jane was born my father said that she was going to be a
"wild flipper" Now I know what he means.

Praying for Boss Nielson this morning.
Boss has a cancerous tumor growing in his jaw glands.
The skilled doctors are Removing it today.
Praying and loving you Boss Nielson!!

{Boss with Jane}