Thursday, March 10, 2011

A high kick for Spring

{Me and the Mr.}

It smells like Spring here.
Last October I planted nearly 200 bulbs. I am so excited to see what happens.
A few of them have already peaked their heads through the frozen ground.
And a few {ok, a bunch} have been eaten by Bambi and friends who venture to my lawn and eat the apples, and bushes in the night.
I always like the Spring, but especially now, since my accident.
To me, it means that life is new and fresh, I like to think that my Spring has already come.
I, through the pain and turmoil have poked my head through it
all and am emerging fresh and new.

{The family out for a Spring drive down by the lake. Pining away for sailing season.
I think Jane may need to go to the bathroom}

Last night, when I went outside to take the garbage out, I smelled Spring again.
I don't think I can describe exactly what that smells like,
other than it is a good and earthy smell.

When I came inside, something inside of me kind of cracked.
I felt like doing a high-kick.
The kind I learned in cheerleading years ago.
So, I did it. It was awesome.
I made my children watch, I did it again. They ooh-ed and ahh-ed.
Then I yelled to Mr. Nielson to come and watch me.
We screamed together. I never in a million years thought my burned un-flexible legs could
ever make it up so high.

It is Spring, and now I can do a high-kick.
Watch this, it cracks me up!

Big news, tomorrow is Friday!!