Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Going down Alice Lane #2/Skiing as a family

Happy March friends!!
...We are back to my basement, where the Magleby brothers are installing the new cupboards:

After the yellow cupboards {vintage 1960} were demolished and out, Mark and Chad began installing the new beautiful ones. A gorgeous piece of Walnut lay below my large window, as a countertop piece for the room.

{Lots of wonderful open shelving}

{Here is the finished work. I am so happy with it, I am so happy with the new space
and the quality of the cupboards. I am a lucky girl}

And, the family made another trip to Sundance to go skiing.
Justin Hackworth came along, and photographed us together.

{Me and Mr. Nielson smooching...oh ya
More photos coming about this day...}

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