Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dinner elsewhere tonight.

{Nicholas going crazy}

I feel a little worn out today.
I visited our friendly dentist {down the street} a million times -really.
I dropped child # 1 off, picked up child #2, dropped her off-repeat like 6 times.
It was kind of a circus, and then after
they all complained that their teeth hurt.
Then, the front office called to let me know Jane was not feeling well,
and to please come pick her up.
The boys stepped in Dog poo twice, and Ollie got brownie all over the carpet-{or was it?}

{Dinner at Slab}

Then I took on the job of cleaning the garage around 2:00.
Never chose to do such a job as that at 2:00 in the afternoon.
I was frantic and when 5:00 came along, I couldn't stop working.
I was so relieved when Mr. Nielson suggested we go out to dinner.
That gave me at least 2 more hours.
We finally finished! And as a result, Mr. Nielson and Jane went to our storage
unit and retrieved the family bikes.
Mr. Nielson raised seats, oiled chains, and washed the bikes for the new season.

Tomorrow, I will tend the garden, clean the bathrooms, do the andry, and plan dessert for
the family party I am hosted here at my home.

I am digging this.