Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My wonderful family gathered at my home for a family dessert party.
I served giant double chocolate brownies, delicious vanilla cream and hot chocolate sauce.
I am now pretty tired.
We have been filming for a special 20/20 program in May.
Elizabeth Vargas came to my house!
She gave me a hug, used my kitchen sink and bathroom mirror,
walked up my front step and sat on my kitchen stool.
It was kind of unreal.
She is so graceful and my children fell in love her.
Ollie followed her around with a hand drawn picture.
Jane asked me if Elizabeth could come to her wedding.
I was just stunned at her big beautiful brown eyes.
She was kind and very sweet.

Now, I am exhausted talking about my accident.
No matter how many times I talk about the accident, it never gets easier!
I do though, have such a huge swelling in my heart when I talk about my sweet
Mr. Nielson and our trial together.
I love looking into his brown eyes and see his love for me.
He is amazing.

Jimmy {my 11 year old dog} causally walked around during filming.
He dodged under cords, sat behind camera tripods,
and jumped up on couches while we chatted on camera.
I was so embarrassed. The crew were so kind and patient with our old, limply and stinky dog.

{all adorable accessories for my home, which added the perfect touches to everything were handcrafted by EmersonMade.}