Friday, February 18, 2011

To my precious Jane/Justin Hackworth giveaway revealed!

{the adorable skirt found here}

Dear Jane Bronwyn,

I love to remind you each birthday how you were almost born in the back seat of our white Mitsubishi Montero.
You were.
You came so fast and it was so intense, I was certainly NOT prepared for the pain and just how fast you wanted to come to earth.

I love re-telling you of how a police man pulled daddy over because he was going something like 100 miles an hour in a 35 mile per hour zone to get me to the hospital.
I screamed profanities to the officer as I pushed {and held you in} in the most excruciating moments of my life. He decided {like a good boy} to let the screaming lady {me} and her hyper husband {daddy} to move on-as fast as we could.

You were born in the ER about 3 minutes after we pulled up. At 3:45 am.
After I held you on my chest and we watched Family Ties together and daddy slept next to us in a rocking chair. I tried nursing you.
You were brilliant.
You had red...strike that, orange hair. Bright orange hair.

Jane, you are such a delight. As intense as they come, and feisty too. I love that about you.
I love that you laugh at just about anything, and cry at just about anything too.
You are a very unique soul in which God thought we'd be perfect for each other. We are.
We have climbed hurdles together in the mere 8 years you have lived on this amazing planet Earth with me.

I am just honored to be someone in your life you call Mother.
Happy eighth birthday my Janey!


Congrats to:
Ashley Witt and Anthony Armijo
for winning the Wedding photo session with the amazing Justin Hackworth.
I hope you are screaming right now.
You should, you are inviting a photographer genius to be at your wedding.
You will have the best photographs ever. I promise.