Thursday, February 03, 2011

My eye still hurts, but...

Claire draws.
Mostly really funny stuff, {but sometimes she recreates Mary Cassatt and Picasso.
and it is really good too}.
Today she drew the children as devils and angels.
She and Nicholas are devils.
Oliver and Jane are angels.
It made me laugh really hard. I love when my children make me laugh.
Today Nicholas told me that Jimmy was looking for his honey
so his honey could lay her egg.
Oliver told me that a policeman had come to school to tell them to "never don't do drugs"
Then pretended his lego man was doing drugs behind the couch.
Jane's laugh makes me laugh.

After I woke up this morning, I got in the shower then put my pajamas back on.
My eye makes me feel sick and when you are sick you wear pajamas...right?
I am trying to fill out passport stuff and can't find Oliver's birth certificate.
I made a ginormous mess in my office/art room looking for it. I will probably spend all day cleaning the art room/office up and hopefully find it somewhere in all the junk.{with my patch} How annoying!

And now for a letter:

Dear James,

Thank you so much for the wonderful ipods you so graciously gave all the children.
They love them. Oliver is learning how to meditate these days, and his ipod is just the way to help him.

Love, Stephanie