Wednesday, February 23, 2011

laser beams

If you will remember, that I had laser treatment done whilst in Arizona.
Sweet Dr. Maffi {in his new establishment} had us in for another go with the laser beam.

It was certainly a romantic 2 hours of my life.
Mr. Nielson and I both getting laser beamed in the face while wearing gigantic
and attractive eye protective glasses.

Life goes on.
I have looked worse- hard to believe, {or is it?} but we carry on.
As for now, my skin is blotchy and super swollen.
At the end of the week it will be peeling, but hopefully
I will notice a difference in my complexion.
Just another step in my journey.

Happy birthday sister Lucy! I love you.

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Have you visited "Nie and You"? Its been a fun journey from
South Africa and Utah!!