Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I heart you

Jane is getting a head start on her Valentine's Day Celebration.
She carefully wrote, folded, {and sealed with a kiss}her cards.{here}
And then she crafted the box in which all the cards will sweetly go.
She is writing a personal note to each child in her class.
Last night after she went to bed, I found myself re-reading what she wrote.
I am laughing really hard. I love that chick.

I love you, and I can say that since it is Valentines Day.
But any other day, I do not"


{Happy tape...the best tape ever}

Dear those of you looking for a Valentine gift for your special someone.
Here is a great idea:

The Gathering of Friends cookbooks...I have blogged about these beautiful books before, but now the third book is coming out and it is just a gorgeous as its two other sisters. here and here.
It is very convenient and very practical.
I am very impressed, and so excited for this third book in the series to come out.
The good news is, that you can order 3 books and get the 4th free. Deal.
{Also available on sidebar}