Monday, February 21, 2011

I heart Lover's Holiday, Matthew Mead, and when I ask question on BlogHer.

{my chin is not so hot in this picture}

I love you I love you I love you I love you

My Lover's Holiday included:

7:00 am....shower {together... (I wanted my brother Andrew to know that)}

8:00 am...Record Burn Unit public commercial
{Me at Lambchops record studio}

9:30 am...Breakfast at LGO in Scottsdale- Strawberry and creme crepes.

11:00 am...Visit the Maricopa Burn unit, kiss my old nurses and Doctors.

12:20 am...Visit with Dr. L. He even gave me - {are you ready for this?} a hug. Yep, twice actually. And he also gave me a very L O N G explanation to give to those of you who e-mail me inquiring if my you-know-what's are real. Andyestheyarethankyouverymuch.

I love that Dr. L!

1:30 pm...Picked up personalized heart-shaped sugar cookies from my favorite bakery in Mesa. And a few of my favorite oreo's to bring home to sisters.

{I think this kid only ate the frosting...that's my boy!}

1:45 pm...Doorbell ditch children with the cookies and Valentines. I almost tinkled my pants I was laughing so hard hiding with Mr. Nielson behind a tree.

2:00 pm...Nap!

4:30 pm...Shower up for my big Lover's Day date with Mr. Nielson.

{Mr. Nielson stuff}

5:00 pm...Order heart shaped pizza for Children.

6:00 pm...Mr. Nielson and I decide on Chippies for dinner. No one else in the joint. Eating at a nice place on a busy night is totally overrated. A big pile of guac and chips is kind of dinner anyway! We played the "would you rather" game...{example: would you rather burp in your dates mouth on your first kiss, or do a flartie in the movie theater sitting next to your first date} Crude, yes. Funny, double yes.

{Me preparing for the "would you rather game" whilst Mr. Nielson orders dinner}

7:30 pm...Mr. Nielson buys me Ree's book and few magazines while strolling around Borders.

{Ree's love story on my lap...oh, and look! I am wearing a seat belt!}

9:15 pm...Movie. Mr. Nielson rented out the whole theater. It was so awesome. We practically made out the whole time. Yeah, I don't even know what movie was playing.

{Awwh, Mr. Nielson and I sharing popcorn and vanilla coke.}

Midnight...None 'yo buizness!


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