Monday, February 21, 2011

Lovers Holiday in Mesa

I love you I love you I love you I love you

My Lover's Holiday included:
8:00 am...Record Burn Unit public commercial

9:30 am...Breakfast at LGO in Scottsdale for strawberry and creme crepes.
11:00 am...Visit the Maricopa Burn center, kiss my old nurses and Doctors,
(not really though).
12:20 pm...Visit with Dr. L. He even gave me - {are you ready for this?} a hug. 
Yep, twice actually. 
I love that Dr. L!
1:30 pm...Picked up personalized heart-shaped sugar cookies 
from a favorite bakery in Mesa. 
I also got myself a few delicious homemade Oreo's 
to bring home to the sisters in Utah.

1:45 pm...Doorbell ditched the Little Nies with the cookies and Valentines
we bought earlier that morning.
 I almost wet my pants as Mr. Nielson and I hid behind a tree.
It was really really funny.
2:00 pm...Nap!
4:30 pm...Shower up for my big Lovers Day date with Mr. Nielson.

5:00 pm...Order heart shaped pizza for Children at Pizza Hut.  Oh ya.
6:00 pm...Mr. Nielson and I decide on Chipotle 
(we refer to it as Chippies) for dinner.
It was quiet dining, in fact there was not one other soul in the restaurant.
We decided right then and there that eating at a fancy place is totally
overrated on Valentines Day. 
Between a big pile of guac and chips we played the
 Would You Rather game.
For example, would you rather accidentally burp in your 
dates mouth on your first kiss, 
or do a toot in the movie theater sitting next to your first date.

7:30 pm...Mr. Nielson buys me Ree's book and few magazines
 while strolling around Borders.

9:15 pm...Movie. Mr. Nielson rented out the whole theater just for me!
 I don't even know what movie we went to because
 we were smooching the whole time.
Just kidding.
Also, just kidding about renting out the movie theater.  
There was a couple of old people sitting a few rows behind us.

is on the cover of Utah Valley magazine:
But my the Little Nies thought it was cool.