Monday, February 14, 2011

HAPPY LOVER'S HOLIDAY! /Nie asks on Blogher/Justin Hackworth giveaway

Happy Lover's Holiday!
When I was a little girl, Valentines Day was the most wonderful holiday.
I dreamed endlessly about what my Valentine would look like,
and what we would do to celebrate the holiday together.
I'd imagine him whisking me away to a romantic castle in France,
or present me with a beautiful emerald ring.

Now, I have my very own Valentine, and it is Mr. Nielson.
And all he has to do is smile, wink and slap my behind as I walk by,
and I am hopelessly in love.
He makes me happy. He keeps me warm.
He tickles my back and takes my socks off my feet at night.
He dances with me in the kitchen
{while the children cover their eyes....but secretly they love it}.
I am so in love with my Valentine.

Happy Lover's Holiday

{A few pictures with my Valentine and my little Valentine--Gigs, with a banana}

Reminder to those of you who are getting hitched!!

Enter to win a day full of fantastic photo-taking by Justin Hackwork, on your special day.
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Giveaway ends on February 17th.

Nie asks on Blogher

What are your Lover's Holiday Plans today?

Me and the Mr. are going to be in Arizona.
I just think going to Trader Joes sounds romantic
Go here to tell me.