Thursday, February 10, 2011

Funny things my children say:

My life is pretty funny.
Living with a 4 year old is pretty much funny all the time.
Here are a few things that Nicholas said to me yesterday:

{As I was making Nicholas breakfast, he said:}

"Mom, can I die when you die so we will be together.
And the man can put us together for always."

{I asked Mr. Nielson what would make him "super happy", after he answered, Nicholas without looking up from playing
Angry birds on my ipad said in a very monotone voice:}

"I'd be super happy if I saw Jesus"

{I looked out my window and saw the vacant home across the street, and with worry told everyone how I wished a cute little family would move in. Nicholas seeing my worry, said:}
"Mom, you should call 991, I mean 9911, no, 119!"

And, Jane is pretty funny too:
{Jane finished up her Valentine cards for her classroom late last night.
The girls and I were in a crazy mood, and suddenly Jane stopped writing and said:}
"What? Happy Birthday? I have been writing Happy Birthday on all of my cards!!"

I took the children out of school for lunch today.
They have been begging me to take them to Kneaders...{local bakery & sandwich joint}
The children love the little Valentine boxes that the kids meal come in.
I had such a happy day. I LOVE having happy days!

Speaking of happy, check out the Bee and Nie for the most darling Valentine cut-outs and treats. The best part? They are cheap and original and can be downloaded in minutes.