Friday, February 11, 2011

Citrus here we come!

{the children finished all of their Valentines for class}

And we are off.
Another trip to the sun.
I am so excited to be in the car for over 10 hours with my whole family!!!
I am predicting we will watch 'Ratatouille' a billion times in the car.
Actually, Ollie really wants to watch every single Superman ever made.

I on the other-hand, have books to read, magazines and sleep to catch up on,
 and thoughts to write in my journal.
I will be visiting Dr. L. and Dr. M. ( Dr. M's swanky office)
who will get to visit with me and listen to me whine.
{Have I told you that Dr. L. LOVES it when I whine!}

We will visit Lindser and Spencie and finally see cute baby Levi Sims
{son of Andrew and Reachel...the godparents}
Also we get to visit with Nadine, who I am happy to report is doing
 much better since the last post I wrote about her.
 She is out of the burn unit and in a rehab hospital
{the same one Mr. Nielson stayed at while I was in my coma}
We get to have lunch and talk about what life is like with scars.

Mr. Nielson and I also get to spend the Lover's Holiday in the sun this year.
Have a fabulous weekend.


Weekend inspiration here.

Just another holler for a very beautiful cookbook.
Check out Volume three of "The Gathering of Friends".
This cookbook is another reason why I love gathering my family
and friends around to have dinner parties; it is so very user friendly.
The recipes are easy, delicious, and turn out as beautiful as the gorgeous
photographs in the book of the finished product...really they do.

I'm a fan of the way the book helps with ideas to tie your party together.
From the celebration and theme to flower ideas and table settings.
The recipes in the book are easy to make, with a shopping list to assist the you
with what you will need at the market and elsewhere.

Pre-order your copy today and take advantage of the buy 3 get the 1 free!

Check out Leslie's site She makes really cute aprons and such here...

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