Thursday, February 24, 2011

Breakfast with Mitt

{I tried to use the fur to help contain my swollen face}

My clan arrived into the driveway around midnight from our Arizona trip.
Everyone asleep-except Nicholas who was not only awake, but wide awake. Like chirping awake.
Our familygator looked like a gigantic snowball rolling into Provo.
The snow piled up 100 miles out before our exit, and never stopped. It was scary at times-
(just kidding Mom, it was a breeze!)

After getting the family settled and asleep, we were up and on the go again.
This time we were going to have breakfast with Mr. Mitt Romney.
Or, as I like to call him: "Mitt the Man" (because he is).
My favorite part about Mitt the Man is, that he truly wants the best for America.
He will educate us all on what he believes to be the best for our current affairs.
Then let us all decide for ourselves
what is right and good and fair; to us as a country and as individuals.
His disposition is fair and respectful, and I admire that.

This time, I got to meet Ann, Mitt's wife. She is lovely and kind and she even knew who I was before I even introduced myself. I was pretty excited about that- no, scratch that-really excited.
And Mitt even came up to me and said
"Nie Nie is here!"
{Just so you all know, I am going to do whatever I can do to get this man in charge}

Sadly, I looked horrible. If you will remember, I had laser therapy the day before,
so I didn't look so hot. My scars are pretty bad on their own, but this time-well,
it looked 1 gabillion times worse.
I mean that.
My scars are red and my face is swollen.
In fact, as Mr. Nielson and I were walking out of the building we ran into an old friend.
He told me that my face looked "swollen".

That was awesome.

{Just hours before treatment #2- yep, I'm a little frightened}