Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter photos

{The amazing Tyler getting Nicholas to finally happened}
The family jumped in the car and drove up the canyon to our beloved Sundance.
We met our favorite photographers Wendy and Tyler of Bluelily photo for a winter photo shoot.
Here are a few "behind the scenes photos"

{My beauties}

{Seconds after this shot of Ollie, he cried. His toes were so cold and his hands too....
Wendy the genius behind all of this goodness}

{Then, Mr. Nielson suggested we do a family warmth huddle.
All smiles from here on-}

{More group love}

{Me and Claire in a hand-held shot}

{There was a vision and purpose for this photo shoot. Something I was dreaming up for years.
Of course Bluelily made it happen.
I can't reveal what it was, but these lights may have a little bit to do with it.
Have I mentioned Bluelily is awesome?}

{Nicholas in the car getting warm. This shot is so awesome.
He is rolling up the window on me}

*All these photos were used from my iphone-hence the blur
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