Friday, January 28, 2011

Winter photo session/matthew mead summer

Bluelily graciously took my little gang on a adventure the other day.
This, like all the other adventures we've collaborated together on was probably the coldest yet- but the worse the conditions the better the photos.
And that certainly was the case.
Up past Sundance to the wonderful world of Aspen Grove.
{A gorgeous scenic drive around Utah's premier mountains}
The winter certainly doesn't disappoint-even in January

For this photo session, I envisioned a lone pine tree covered in
colorful lights and my family around enjoying it.
Hands and tootsies were cold and tears began to drip.
But Wendy came to the rescue and brought hot chocolate with
marshmallows for the children to drink.
Thanks guys

Also, I am at it again.
Helping with the newest Matthew Mead production.
His unique magazines are such a joy to read.
The Summer issue will be out and I get to be involved with it again.
I am so excited!
If you check out the newly designed blog, you can enter in to win one of the five magazines they are giving away this summer.
Also, a grand prize of $100 at the delicious West Elm.
{I love it there, can I enter??} Check it out!

Have a lovely weekend. Whatever you do. I have been meaning to get out my Valentine decorations for about a week now, this is the weekend, I can feel it.

Best Wishes to Steve...I believe in you!!