Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine's Day is ready to go/Nie asks on Blogher

{Every year since Claire was born, I make the famous Crayon Valentines}

Well, it finally happened!
I put up my Valentine's Day decorations.
{I love putting up my decorations as each holiday comes.}
I remember as a little girl loving it when my Mother put up the families familiar
decorations. We'd accumulate decorations, but mostly we
had the same good 'ol decorations year after year.

This year I found two box's of Valentines Day decorations:
One box I hadn't opened since Arizona's happier days.
And, last years box which included a bunch of things I had received from
loved ones, while my stay in the hospital.
As you will recall, I spent last year in the burn unit in Arizona.
It was hunchie gone bad.

{Crystal B. made these adorable necklaces for my girlies.}

I found a bunch of homemade crafts and cards.
I also found Crystal B.'s darling gifts she made for my children.

This time last year was kind of scary for our family.
Hunchie had gotten infected and then, I almost died.
I almost died a bunch of times-anyway...
I missed last Valentines Day last year.
I am making it up this year.
I have a few more projects up my sleeves for this Valentines Day--{or "Lovers Day" as the Mr. and I call it}, plus planning for Jane's 8th birthday.
Also, Jane is getting baptized early March and we are planning her announcements for
family and friends invited. It will be a fun upcoming month of happy days.
And, we are almost finished with this month's project:
{If you will remember} the yarn balls.

{Smooching deer- my inspiration for Valentine's Decor 2011}

Happy Monday. Seriously guys, happy Monday.

There are only few more days until Nies 2011 calendar will no longer be on sale.
Get yours today. (below)

Nie asks on Blogher:
What makes you happy today?

Me? My sweet new nephew Freddie.
{with Jane}
Go here to tell me.