Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Popping out

Its now a tradition. Popping popcorn on lazy Sunday afternoons after church.
Or, maybe it is an excuse. Something the children can do while Mr. Nielson and I nap.
Either way, we have had this sweet popper sitting up in the cupboard for almost 2 years.
A gift from someone after we had moved into our new Provo home
together as a family- since the accident.

Some things I just push away because I don't want to remember the hard times.
But Jane found the popcorn maker as she was searching for the nutella-
(which had been gone for days).
She happened upon it still in its box.
I pulled it down and with it, a few of the feelings I had stored away-high away.
As the popcorn popped, bursting from its kernels, I thought about me.
I am like those kernels. Bursting out of a hard shell I thought I'd be trapped in forever.

After, I went into my sun-lit room, lay down by my love and took a long nap.

I am still finding popcorn under the couches and under the rugs.