Monday, January 24, 2011

Offended/Nie asks on Blogher

{Mt. Timpanogos- Sundance ski resort is at the base. Its amazing.}

The weekend was wonderful.
It was full of skiing, sleeping, and visits.

{me and Mr. Nielson on the ski lift}

Sundance was as beautiful as ever this weekend as the family had the usual Friday skiing day.
I think Mr. Nielson and I want to steal away on Tuesday for another little ski day-
just the two of us.

I had a few blessed naps.

Laughed at my children and some of their hilarious wordage.
My girls are really into the word "offended"
"Mom, I don't mean to offend you, but I don't really like that pink sweater"
"Not to offend you or anything, but I need a drink"
{It usually never make sense}
Its awesome. But now its slightly annoying.

Our favorite movie around the house is: 'Despicable me'-but for some reason the potty talk in that funny cartoon is out of control, so my kids think that saying
fart and poop is instantly funny. Its not, and I am becoming "offended".

We visited Great-Grandma Marion in her little care facility.
When my children saw the popcorn maker in the "movie area"
my kids thought we were in the coolest place on earth and are begging me to take them back.
I wonder if Grandma babysits ???
My grandma looks as beautiful as ever.
Nicholas spilled his vitamin infused hot-chocolate on his pants
and my skirt and then we said our goodbyes.

It was a good weekend.
Carry on- it will be a good week. I can just feel it.

And read this, if you seriously feel offended a lot.

Nie asks on Blogher:
What is your New Years work-out program?
Go here to tell all!
(Mr. Nielson doing his push-up's from a program on his phone. awesome app here}

Oh and, don't be offended if I post about selling my calendars:
But, they are only $9.50 you know (buy below)