Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Years style.

(Nicholas eating a marshmallow-or wait is that a hard boiled egg??
Whatever it is, he is in his undies enjoying the morning despite the mess.)

Attention to anyone who is considering coming over to my house.
Please don't.
Problem is, my house is a disaster.
One of my New Years goal was to simplify my life.
By doing so, I am going through every nook in my house.
I have a throw away pile, giveaway pile, and a storage pile.
This is going to really be something when it is all over.
I am sure Mr. Nielson can't wait.
He is being so patient with this whole process. It will benefit him, he'll see.
But for now, I really have to let everything else go- I barely made dinner tonight but not before retreating to the hot tub for a nice soak.
I am going to bed extra early (8:30?) snuggled next to my Mr.

Tomorrow I will open my eyes and begin a new day.
It will be great. I will listen to some good tunes (up high) and get in the zone.
Most women know exactly what I am talking about-
its a serious thing, a task that simply must be done.
To clean years style.

I am dying to write and share stories about the holidays and my awesome
New Years Day party with my siblings. Come back.

For now, check out Jeanette's blog about another behind-the-scene story of our Utah Valley photo shoot. Here are a few pics of my own:

(Chatting, trying on clothes, taking photos- it was all an amazing experience.
and yes, that is ROSIE-(with the red hair)-if you don't know her, you should).
My sister has updated her blog header- looks sweet.
I look just like her in this picture.
(are you laughing yet?)