Friday, January 07, 2011

The New Years Burn

***First I want to begin this post and wish the families of Kate Donahue and her fiance
Jesus Sanchez the very best to a new year of healing and mending.
Kate passed away yesterday with her loved ones around her.
It is so bitter sweet for me. I am happy that she is out of pain and with her handsome love,
but sad that she left life. She was so young.

God is in charge. He has the plans, and we just need to trust.
It's not easier but it makes it more bearable.***

{Mr. Nielson chopping down "snowball"}

Now, back to the homestead. We took the tree down. As tradition holds, it is good luck in the Nielson abode for everyone in the family to cut a branch off of the Christmas tree and burn it with New Year wishes and hopes.
The boys especially loved this tradition.

{My fireplace burning "snowball" and igniting dreams}

It was a little symbolic for me- like a phoenix, it burns and out of the ashes new dreams and hope's arise. It is a tradition that we started in Arizona, but now this has much more of a meaning to me personally.

And, Oliver enjoyed his sixth birthday via skype to his favorite cousin Jack.

Life without Jack would have no purpose for Ollie.
He also got to chat to other cousins, Grandmary, Marcus and Ashley.
Oh the wonderful world of Technology.

We are headed skiing today. The girls have ski school-first time. Mr. Nielson and I are planning on skiing the whole morning and meeting up with them after their instruction in the afternoon.

Happy Weekend to you and yours. Just think, we almost made it through a whole week in 2011!
Rock on!
Weekend Inspiration here

And have you heard of these? Genius!
Good: The weekend is here, and I am going skiing
Bad: Ollie slips while sledding-goose egg on his face.