Friday, January 21, 2011

I wish I could wear lipstick...

Hi, its me.
Sorry for the confusion with my blog yesterday.
I was up in Salt Lake City visiting with all my Alt Summit pals.
I was on a nifty little panel about blogging personal stories.
Pretty much I had no idea what I was talking about.
But I really was so thankful for everyone who came to listen to us: (Marta and Karey)
I felt honored to be around such wonderful and talented women (and my Mr. Nielson)

My favorite thing about Alt:
-Anyone who is anyone was wearing red lipstick...{note to self: Tell Dr. L. to fix my lips asap}

Then I got home, after the conference, and it was just as confusing as I left it that morning.
All of a sudden each of my children needed me at the same time.
Nicholas needed help down off the counter.
Claire needed the printer to work.
Jane was teasing Ollie.
Ollie punched Jane.
Jane cried.
And then,
Ollie ran over my pinkie toe with his skuut.
It was just downright awesome.

I made dinner. It was calming. I fed my children, filled their tummies, bathed them,
combed hair, rubbed lotion on sweet fingers and cheeks.
And we happily cleaned up the kitchen (seriously happily) and then
I put them in their cozy little beds.
I kissed freshly brushed mouths, played their lullaby's, and quietly shut the door.

I turned around to see Jimmy staring at me.
And there I sat staring at him in his piddle.
Time for a good hot tub soak with the Mr.
Now, excuse me...oh but wait!

I also wanted to give a little acknowledgment to one of the most amazing men I know.
That would be Boss Nielson. It was his birthday a few days ago.

{see, he's a cowboy, and still makes time to use that-there cell phone}

When I see you Boss, you are sitting in your den with some jazzy music playing (pretty loud).
And the music is either very patriotic or very spiritual.
You are looking through some papers and you are happy.
You are in the kitchen making guacamole for anyone who will have some.
I always do, because it is always such a treat.
I love you.

For your reading/viewing enjoyment this weekend:
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oh, me speaking here too.
I will have some more involvement with this amazing project.
And, last but certainly not last:
Check out The Vintage Pearl. I am thinking something for Valentines Day?

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