Wednesday, January 12, 2011

He's my best friend.

(taking a break from the holiday posts-more tomorrow)

I woke up yesterday morning to a bunch of pink sticky notes.
There were sticky notes on the mirrors, walls, doors, on my phone, computer, and journal.
They were of course, from my Mr. Nielson.

The night before I had left him at the computer while he worked on some family business; to just "rest my head" on my pillow.
Instead I fell asleep.
I recall Mr. Nielson coming in bed-which seemed like hours after I had.
He snuggled my body and propped my head onto his shoulder before dozing off.

I woke up the next morning just in time to see out my window,
the children pile in the car for school.
I had slept in.
But to my surprise, I saw pink notes which lead me into the bathroom.
(my first stop after I wake up-naturally)

Today I hung out all day with that man of mine.
Somehow, while talking to him, I let a few things slip out of my mouth that were not very kind. After I said them, I looked at his big brown eyes and wondered what on earth made me say such things to my best friend? Best friends don't do that.

It is to be said of the Nielson's, that we don't have a lot of friends. Just a few favorites, really.

And somehow we are completely fine with that because we were made for each other.
We are not too social, not too funny, not too silly, not too special, just us.
Happy to be us, happy to be alive, happy to have four brilliant children,
and so very happy we got married.

I love you darling boy- thanks for making me feel special-
All. The. Time.