Sunday, January 16, 2011

A few fab lists

First, I'd like to ask for your help.
In the wake of the horrible flooding in Queensland and beyond, I ask you to help.
Please go here to find a bunch of really fun, artsy and beautiful crafts along with other things all to help the victims of this horrific scene.
100% of the donations go to help those in need- Please Help-we can do it!

Second, I am selling 'Nie's First Calendars" for half off
that means they are $9.50!!
Click below to purchase one:

Get yours today. At the end of January, they will be gone. (hopefully)

For the holiday tomorrow, the children have a whopper of a list to do.
Here are some of their ideas:
1. Ice skating
2. skiing
3. go get doughnuts
4. sledding
5. drive to Mexico
6. go sailing.
7. go to a movie
8. go to the dinosaur museum--in Phoenix
9. the girls want to go shopping & Ollie wants to earn a dollar
{to buy caps for his gun}
10. play pirates in the tree house.

Since only about 10% of those are really do-able, I think I will just read my stack of magazines, finish making my January Craft--{by the way, each month I will be making something with my girls. This month we will be making more yarn balls to hang from their ceiling. Like this}

Want to hear my top 5?
1. finish yarn balls
2. organize my craft room
3. write my "motherly memories" in the beautiful journals I got for the children.
4. order my Valentines Day card from here
5. plan my weekly menu & the family job list for the week.
{the children love this}

Enjoy your Sunday/Monday! See you on Tuesday.