Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Cover girl/Nie asks on Blogher

(Cover girl-on Utah Valley Magazine)

Marcus and Ashley are here to spend the night.
I am having a good time chatting, laughing and watching Mr. Nielson and Marcus have push-up contests. Now they are trading "apps" on their phones- oh boy!
Or else I would take the time to tell you about the wild night I had at Pirate Island for
Oliver's 6th birthday party. Wow.

Check me out on the cover of the Utah Valley Magazine.
It was such a fun afternoon chatting and taking photographs.
If you are really bored. You can check out this and this and this too.

Have a great Tuesdee


Nie asks on Blogher

Do you drop your children off at school?
What does it look like? Go here to tell me

This is Ollie with smiles in the Halls of our elementary school