Thursday, January 06, 2011

Cleaning, thinking, and praying.

(Still cleaning but thinking too-me and Mr. Nielson at the Sweet Tooth Fairy)

Hello from the wonderful world of being organized.
Yep, that's me-or trying to be.
I finished the upper half of my house and am moving downward tomorrow.
It is going to be so nice to have a clean house.
I wished Marcus and Ashley could come back and stay over again- this time in a clean house.
I was looking at the room they slept in. I think there was about 3 pounds of glitter on the bed spread. That was my "secret Santa holding room".
Sorry guys.

I received an e-mail from a woman in Seattle this morning.
She sent along a story that she thought I should read. I was so glad she sent it to me.
How I wish I could be at the sides of the families during this hard time.
I know what they are thinking and I know what kind of disbelief is being felt.
I hope they know I am praying for them, and thinking about them-if that helps at all.

When Kate wakes up, it will be ruff. She will have to deal with her own pain and then learn that her love has died of this injuries.

For her and her family, life will continue on. It will be very hard, but then it will get very good and blessings will show themselves along the way. I promise.
I know of the heartache and pain that takes place, but I know that it can also heal with time.

(Kate and Jesus)

My heart is with Kate and her family tonight and forever.
I hope to be updated with her status.
But she needs your thoughts and prayers.
Remember my friend Nadine? She is doing much better-
thanks to every one's thoughts and prayers.

Now, back to cleaning- Carry on troops.