Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day (and other notables)

In an attempt try and catch up on my delicious holiday...
Here is Christmas Morning at The Nielson home.

{7:12 am...Christmas begins....and continues through the day-even on roller-blades!}

{My dining room table * The girls darling pink Victorian doll house}

{Jane and Claire enjoying peppermint hot chocolate}

{The classic tale of Cowboys vs Indians}

{Watching the snow fall like glitter out the window Christmas morning}

{Jimmy nestles up to Mr. Nielson post Christmas unwrapping-smells good}

{Other notables today}
1.Mr. Nielson has a terrible back ache. He is a little bit grumpy.
2. While enjoying Family Home Evening Nicholas smashed his treasure chest directly at Mr. Nielson's shin WHILE he was conducting...remember he has a sore back (see above note)
3. Nicholas burns his hand and we have to wrap it up tight. He loves it.
4. Mr. Nielson buys himself some new suits-custom ones. He is really excited, and measuring him left me laughing all day.
5. Claire dabbles all morning and is late to school. Then her ride left her. Lesson learned?
We will see tomorrow.

PS...did you notice that today is: 1/11/11? This will be ONE cool day!