Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blue ribbon

{Claire and Jane-they love each other a lot-most of the time}

Today as I was unloading the dishwasher after school,
Jane came up to me and buried her head in my stomach.
She had tears and her little face was red and warm.
I asked her what the matter was-thinking it was the usual- you know, someone in the family had punched/hit/kicked/said something "rude", and or stole something from her.
But it was different.
Then she told me that while Claire was home "sick" today she went into the school gym where the art show was going on. Claire had entered in the school art show earlier this month with high hopes and a glue stick. She spent hours gluing together a fun little headband, fashioned after the ones I had made for my sisters for New Years Day.

Jane's blue eyes looked up at me as she mumbled through her words.
I finally understood.
Claire's headband hadn't gotten a blue ribbon- or any ribbon for that matter.
I tried explaining that Claire had tried, and that was the best part.
She worked hard, and did her best, and it was OK that she didn't place.

I have to admit that my mind flashed back to the afternoon when Claire was hard at work
hot gluing her fingers together with tears. All to get a ribbon.
But, I had to learn to be happy too-just like Jane.

I think I made Jane feel better about the situation, and in doing so, I felt better myself.
After we talked, Jane wiped her tears and walking off she told me that she and Harriet had taken down someone's blue ribbon when no one was looking and placed it on Claire's creation.
Like, no big deal.
Then she walked downstairs to play.

After that, a nice man came over to fix an appliance in our home.
While fixing the appliance, he asked to borrow a tool which I had kept under the cupboard.
I bend down to retrieve it and my pants ripped open- (at the crotch)
The worst part- It was loud.
I laughed. He did not. I made up an excuse and he pretended he didn't know what I was talking about. It was awkward. I think I will add that to my "collection" for when I find myself back at the hospital feeling sorry for myself. I can pull that from my library of funny things and feel instantly better. Works every time.

Maybe it was one of those moments where you just "had to be there"- but take it from me, I felt really stupid and if my face could show embarrassed, (like it once did) he would for sure know it.

Tomorrow is Friday.
I think when this week is over, I will win a blue ribbon.