Friday, December 10, 2010

St. Nic and weekend plans

("St. Nic" is almost too big for the sink tubs. But it is just so cute)

We did it! We made it to another weekend!

I have quite the weekend plans:
Wrapping gifts
Holiday parties
Saturday cleaning
Trips to Salt Lake City
Sleep-overs with cousins
Assembling Christmas cards
Prepare to host Christmas party
Making Christmas decorations
Working on next weeks worth of Homemade Christmas Gifts-just for you!
I am so excited! I have received hundreds of darling homemade gifts that made me smile.
Unfortunately, I can't use all of the gifts I received.
I wish I could review them all, but I fear that would take up my blog until the next year.

I plan to spend some time with my children and my wonderful husband.
I hope to lay around the house listening to Pandora- My favorite holiday station:
"Polar Express Radio". Try it.

It is starting to snow here as I type this. My boys are dying to build a snowman and the girls are dying to try on their skis and practice on our backyard hill.
They will be so happy to wake up to white all over our world
(I hope!!)

My face is still red and blotchy from my laser treatments.
It pretty much hurts a lot.
I have been a homebody lately, hanging around and preparing for Christmas.
But it has been so wonderful.
Thanks for all your love for my dear friend Nadine.
I am sure your love and words on her blog has been a huge relief for her family.
Happy Weekend- and take photos!

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Lizzy, I am thinking of you- I am glad St. Mary could come to your aid. We love you!