Monday, December 13, 2010

Nie's homemade Christmas day one/Nie asks on blogher

(Nicholas with all the homemade Christmas packages)

Here it is, what you have all been waiting for:

Nie's Homemade Christmas!!

These past few weeks, I have been bombarded with so many handmade gifts that I felt like a spoiled brat- Which I kind of am.
Anyway, with this little guide, you are able to shop online for your favorite somebody and finish up your Christmas list all pretty much online,and here on my blog.

**{I couldn't use every single amazing homemade gift that was sent. I am sorry. I will probably use what you have sent at some point, and I must make it known, I can't send back your homemade pretties either}}**

The cutest holiday corsage for your loved one- I am thinking Mom or Grandma.
My darling corsage is pinned to one of my red pillows on my couch.
So cute. To buy: here.

Mr. Nielson is from Mesa, Arizona.
Last week while visiting Mesa, we drove past our favorite landmark-the diving lady.
To our sadness and shock, the lady was gone. Gone!!
Then, I got this wonderful letter explaining to me that diving lady
was blown down in a monsoon. Go figure.
The story is very compelling- Go here to read about it.
Show your support and buy one of these shirts here.
and check out the I heart Mesa site.

Just because I don't drink coffee doesn't mean I can't enjoy these adorable hot drink sleeves.
For hot chocolate of course. At Borders after a day of skiing.
( I say Borders because Mr. Nielson LOVES their hot chocolate)
Go here to find the cutest sleeves available.

With my new neck, I am finding a new found love necklaces.
Here is the perfect one.
Along with a bunch of other pretties.

Have you see cuter bow ties? Even on these two?
Or how about on Ollie?
Check them out here

I decided that this year I really love velvet. Especially in bright colors.
So, I was naturally so excited when Mrs. Darcy sent me the most beautiful pins.
I put them in my hair and one Jane's belt before church on Sunday.
To buy, go here.

Are you ready for this?

The sweetest family ornament you have ever seen.
And, it is my cute family.
All the children look JUST like them.
Get yours for your tree this year. They are so adorable.
Look this is mine!!

Introducing: red roko {good things for kids and Moms}
The best box I ever received on my front porch. It was full of the cutest dress-up and play kits.
The favorite around the house is the Superhero.

And you can see why:

How about the cutest hat for my baby boy. To find other charming patterns go here.

Of course you can purchase Nie's first Calender" below (or on my sidebar)

And last but not least today, the classic marble toy. E-mail for pricing and availability.

Remember that "Nie's Homemade Christmas will be all week long!

Nie asks on Blogher:
What is your most memorable Holiday Memory?

Me: I have so many, but what came to mind was the planted amaryllis and paper-whites my Mom would grow in pots all over our home growing up in November/December
I have them all over my house now, and they remind me of her.